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Housing and Community Development Division

Fresno’s Housing and Community Development Division serves to deliver quality affordable housing programs and to facilitate and coordinate construction of affordable and market rate housing projects.



The Division is responsible for meeting the City of Fresno housing goals contained in the Housing Element of the General Plan, HUD-approved Consolidated Plan, and Mayor Initiatives.

Housing programs include a Home Buyer Assistance Program, Senior Paint Program, White Picket fence activities, and rental and owner-occupied rehabilitation programs. Housing development projects include single- and multi-family housing, infill, downtown reuse and mixed use housing, and property acquisition activities for future housing development.

The purpose of these programs and projects are to preserve the City’s communities and neighborhoods while maximizing housing opportunities for Fresno City residents. These various housing programs and projects help to build a positive City image, beautify neighborhoods, create a livable downtown, and generate investment interest in Fresno’s housing market. Delivery of these programs and projects are made possible through the effective and efficient use of Home Investment Partnerships (HOME) Program funds and through smaller local, state, and federal funding sources available for housing activities.

Housing and Community Development Division staff has over 30 years of housing experience and is well versed in the various housing programs and project activities. Division staff are available to provide Fresno City residents, interested in housing programs and projects, with helpful, informative, and courteous customer service.


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