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Mortgage Program Information

Which mortgage program is best for you?

First Time Buyer Loans
30 Year Fixed
15 Year Fixed
3 year fixed
2 year fixed
Interest only
Negative Amortization
5/1 Treasury ARM
3/1 Treasury ARM
1 Year Treasury ARM
Flex Pay ARM
5 Year Balloon
7 Year Balloon

I want a stable monthly payment. 

30 yr /15 yr fixed
5/1 treasury ARM
3/1 treasury ARM
5 or 7 yr balloon

I want to buy as much house as I can.

Flex-pay ARM
6 month Libor ARM
1yr. Treasury ARM
3/1 or 5/1 treasury ARM

I plan to own my house in 5 years.

5/1 Treasury ARM
5yr. balloon
3/1 treasury ARM

I believe interest rates are likely to fall.

6mo. Libor or Flex-pay ARM
1 Year treasury ARM
1 year Treasury ARM
3/1 Treasury ARM
5/1 Treasury ARM

I believe interest rates are likely to rise.

30 or 15 yr. Fixed

I need flexible monthly payments.

Flex-pay ARM

I want to avoid negative amortization.

Any program except a flex pay ARM

I want the lowest possible payments.

Interest only
Flex-pay ARM
6 mo. Libor ARM or 1 yr. treasury ARM
Negative Amortization

I plan to refinance within 5 years

15 yr fixed or five yr balloon
7 yr. balloon
3/1 treasury ARM

For more information on these various programs, please inquire here: info@fresno-real-estate.com.


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